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Frequently Asked Transcription Service Questions

What is a cleaned up transcript?

Cleaned up transcript means that it is not verbatim. Stutters and sentence restarts are not included. Basically, it’s written in a readable format. For most projects such as interviews, webinars, and podcasts, the cleaned up transcript is what you want, because it flows nicely.

What is an audio hour?

Audio hour refers to the length of your audio or video. This is how we figure out the rate for your transcript.

How do you handle billing and payments?

Invoices are sent out on a weekly basis, on Friday in most cases. I am currently using SlickPie accounting to send invoices and payment via Paypal is preferred. Some clients have ongoing projects that are billed on the 15th and 30th of every month. If you need alternate billing dates please let me know and we can discuss it further.

How do I send you my audio files?

Dropbox is my best friend when it comes to sharing files for a project that you need. It’s easy and you can set it up for free. Then sending files is as simple as dragging and dropping a file into a folder on your computer. If you have a project management system that you use and would like me to join you there, I’d be glad to do that if it’s easier for you.

What will I get back from you?

Generally the transcript is a Word document and I will deliver it to you via Dropbox and/or email. I can also send PDFs or other files if you’d like.

I have a preferred format, can you use my template

Yes. I actually encourage and support custom templates. If you have a template that you prefer to use for your transcripts please send it over and I’ll work from that so you don’t have to copy and paste and reformat for every transcript that you order.

Additionally, if you don’t have a custom template and would like to have one, I’d be happy to work with you to have one created. I have a team of several talented freelancers that help with those sorts of things and they do a great job of making us all look good.

More FAQs will be added as they arise. If you have a question, let me know and I’ll be glad to answer.

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