Implied Non-Disclosure Agreement

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We apply a standard Implied Non-Disclosure Agreement to every file that crosses our desk. It’s just good business. What you’re working on isn’t anyone else’s business and my team and I fully respect that to every degree. Projects are not to be discussed outside of the work environment. I also make it a policy not to even mention that someone is a client unless they have permitted me to do so or if they have already provided that information freely to others.

This standard level of non-disclosure is implied to all clients and projects here at However, if you require a written and signed NDA form for a specific project that’s not a problem either and we’ll be glad to provide a standard signed form or if you’d like to mail us your specific form that’s acceptable as well.

If you have files that are secure in nature they will be handled carefully with minimal viewing (ie, no more than two people will see the file to be transcribed and proofread.)

If you have any questions please send an email to loretta AT

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