3 Reasons to Have Your Audio Or Video Transcribed by a Transcriptionist

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Audio and video are quickly becoming very popular among bloggers and marketers around the web. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s a great way to make a connection with your target audience. However, everyone has different preferences on how they like to receive their information. Some people may absorb things better when they hear them, and others may absorb things better when they read them. Chances are you want to reach both those audiences and reach out to as many people as you can.

Having a transcript made gives you a new format. You’ve just repurposed your content without doing anything new or different. You’ve got something new that you can give your audience in the form of a PDF as a short report. This could be free viral content or it could even be a report that you sell for small fee, depending on the content and your goal with it.

What if your customer or visitor can’t hear? Technology is a wonderful thing and the internet is widely used by people everywhere today. Unfortunately, a lot of those people are hearing impaired. If they’ve landed on your site via a search, which means you have something they’re looking for. But, if you’re only offering audio and video versions, and they can’t hear it, then they aren’t going to get what they came searching for in the first place and they’re going to move on away from your site.

In the case of info products and online courses, sometimes people just like to have the text format to read and follow along with the audio or video. They can print it out, highlight, and takes notes on it if they want to. They can read along on their screen if they want to. They can watch or listen first and then read later, or refer to the text when they are working on what you just taught them. The addition of the transcript allows them to consume your content in the way that’s best for them, and that’s always a good thing.

Using transcripts of your audio and video can open up more doors for your online business. If you need a transcript of your audio, video, interview or podcast, I’d be glad to help you out and you’ll have a professionally transcribed and ready to use document waiting in your email inbox in no time at all.

Expand your reach and gain new followers and customers today by adding the use of transcripts to your online business.

Have a great day,
Loretta Oliver

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