Live Events: Get the Podium, Gain New Business

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There is nothing like attending a live event for the first time – unless you are presenting for the first time. Standing in front of all of those people has great advantages. So put your best foot forward and reap the benefits.

Someone may ask you to speak at a live event. Maybe you have done guest blogging for others or participated in podcasts on other sites. It was a thrill a minute for you because you were networking and getting your name out there. Also, someone wanted YOU. Your marketing has paid off in big ways and involving yourself in these activities increases your credibility and expert status.

Now, you are going to take part in a live event where you will actually stand face-to-face with those who have heard you on podcasts or read you on the Internet. It can be nerve-wracking as well as exhilarating.

Take a deep breath and get ready. You want to shine and the only way to do that is to prepare.

1. Know the main focus of the event. Share with the group in the session your knowledge and expertise based on what the event is trying to highlight. If it is geared towards a niche then feel free to discuss how you got into your niche, what marketing techniques you use and new ways to expand the niche.

2. Know the other presenters. Some of them may be sitting in your audience. If they are more seasoned than you, prepare a few questions for them about how they stay calm and at ease before a presentation.

3. Practice a lot. There is no substitute for this one. The way to avoid those dead silent moments when it seems that all your thoughts fly away is to get up and go over your speech many times. This is also how you prepare to deliver well-timed jokes. The more practice you get in, the more comfortable you will feel going off script when the inspiration hits you.

4. Have materials in place. The audience will want handouts. Prepare something eye-catching as well as informative for them to read and hang on to. You can create a packet of material including your business card and other pertinent information about how to reach you. Don’t forget to place a sign-up sheet at the door so you can contact them later.

5. Present your products. Don’t forget to bring along some freebies and priced products so that as soon as the presentation is over, they can get everything they need right away. One tip though, don’t make your presentation a pitch fest. You’ll do better if you remember that it’s about the giving of information and the helping. The rest will happen naturally.

When you take center stage, make sure you TAKE CENTER STAGE. Use your presentation as a platform for gaining new business partners, new customers and more sales.

Of course, if you have your presentation recorded you can send over to Teleseminars Transcribed to have transcripts made when you return home from the event. That way you can re-purpose the content from your presentation into web content and gain even more exposure and new business from it.


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